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We founded Adria Dental Group to improve the quality of dental care in the region, making world-class expertise and technology accessible to every one of our patients and physicians.

Our priority is helping patients become healthier, more confident, and satisfied with their smiles. We are a network of clinics guided by excellence, and together we invest in improving the services we offer.

In order to take the best possible care of our patients, we have to take the best possible care of our employees. By offering the best working conditions on the market and providing the latest technology and equipment, we attract ambitious experts dedicated to reaching the highest levels in their fields.

What is more, through educating young physicians and developing their skills, we are cultivating a new generation of specialists who will go on to advance not just our own clinics–but the entire branch of dental medicine.

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We guarantee mutual growth through long-term partnerships

We continuously invest in raising the bar—in technology, innovation, and the quality of the services we offer, guaranteeing satisfaction with the results for all our patients and partners.

Our clinics

ARENA dental clinic is based in Zagreb, and specializes in periodontics, oral surgery, prosthetics, endodontics, orthodontics, and aesthetic dentistry. Its team is composed of 18 doctors of dental medicine with specializations across all branches of dentistry, and its practice includes 11 high-tech clinics, a diagnostic center, and a dental laboratory.

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Salona Dental is a dental clinic based in Solin, offering full scope of dental services, from diagnostics, prosthetics to surgical procedures. Its team is composed of 11 doctors of dental medicine, and its practice includes 10 high-tech clinics, a diagnostic center, and a dental laboratory.

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Rident’s dental clinics are located in Rijeka and Poreč, providing comprehensive oral care services, from prosthetics and surgery to orthodontics. Rident has three high-tech dental laboratories and a professional team composed of 38 doctors of dental medicine.

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Dentum is a dental clinic located in Zagreb, specializing in periodontology, oral surgery, prosthetics, endodontics, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry. Dentum team consists of a number of top doctors from various branches of dental medicine. Top quality is achieved with the most technologically advanced materials in combination with a sophisticated team of dental experts in the modern environment of a polyclinic and modernly equipped dental offices.

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