With this Code of Ethics, we want to clearly define and convey information about the ethical responsibility and principles of all of us in Adria Dental Group.

This way, considering the continuous growth and development of the group and its members, we want to ensure the highest labor standards for our patients and employees.

Whom does this code of ethics apply to?

Provisions described in this Code of Ethics apply to all members and employees of Adria Dental Group (hereafter ADG) as well as all the others who are not employed by ADG but take part in its work and activities.

What is this code of ethics based upon?

This Code of Ethics is based upon the mission, vision and fundamental values that are the backbone of our business and ensure that the patient always comes first.


Our mission is to provide complete and highest quality dental care to all patients, while at the same time building with them a relationship of safety and long-term mutual trust.


We aim to constantly improve the quality of our service through the use of high-quality technology and excellent materials.

We want to grow and prosper to ensure that our patients get the dental experience based on trust, quality of work and the utmost care, with the aim of improving the overall health and quality of life. We provide our employees with the best working conditions, thus encouraging their maximum professional development.

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