Adria Dental Group announces two new Investments in Croatia and Slovenia

Adria Dental Group (ADG), the largest dental group in Central and Southeastern Europe, has continued its regional expansion with new investments in the Croatian and Slovenian markets. The new members of ADG include Implant Center Frankić from Split and the center for aesthetic and laser dentistry, implantology, and dental prosthetics Dr. Kovačič from Ljubljana.

Implant Center Frankić is the second clinic in the Split area in which the group has invested, following Salona Dental, further solidifying Adria Dental Group's leadership position in the Dalmatia region. Implant Center Frankić features four modernly equipped dental offices and its own dental laboratory.

"Modern technology and high-quality materials allow us to offer our patients fast and quality care, individual approach, professional patient care, and top-notch service in all areas of dental medicine including diagnostics, implantology, surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics, periodontology, aesthetic, and general dentistry. By joining the largest group in this part of Europe, we will continue to follow the advancements in science and technology at the highest level, which is crucial for top-notch service, as well as for our employees," said founder Dr. Ante Frankić, DDS.

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Adria Dental Group has also made its second investment in the Slovenian market at the Center for Aesthetic and Laser Dentistry, Implantology, and Dental Prosthetics Dr. Kovačič, a clinic specialized in aesthetic and laser dentistry, implantology, and high-quality prosthetics, known for its long tradition and recognition in the Slovenian market.

"Our dental center has been in operation for over 50 years, which demonstrates the exceptional dedication of our entire team and our commitment to the latest trends in the dental sector. Joining the largest dental conglomerate in the region will further strengthen our market position and enable additional investments in equipment and staff training. We remain ambitious in raising the standard of dental services in Slovenia because this is the only way we can continue to build our tradition," said founder Dr. Andrej Kovačič, DDS."

dr. Kovačič

The vision of Adria Dental Group is to unify the best dental clinics in the Adria region under common, high operational standards with the aim of enhancing dental services throughout the region.

"Our network of dental clinics covers all parts of Croatia and Slovenia, which is important because patients throughout the area, in any of the clinics within the ADG network, can receive the same quality of any dental service at the highest level. The highest standard of service and availability are the greatest advantages of the ADG network in the market, recognized by the patients of our clinics, as well as the owners of dental clinics. We continue to grow ambitiously, both organically and through new investments in the Adria region," said Gordan Muškić, Chairman of the Board of Adria Dental Group.

Adria Dental Group employs more than 600 people, including Arena Dental, Salona Dental, Rident, Dentum, Fiziodent, Dentex, Dragaš Dental Design, and Implant Center Frankić in Croatia, as well as Primadent and Dr. Kovačič in Slovenia. The clinics and laboratories serve over 45,000 patients annually, successfully performing more than 220,000 various procedures.