Adria Dental Group expanded its operations to Slovenia through an investment in Primadent Koper

Adria Dental Group (ADG), the largest dental group in Central and Southeastern Europe with over 550 employees, has expanded its operations to Slovenia through an investment in one of the leading Slovenian dental clinics, Primadent from Koper. Primadent operates in four modernly equipped offices with plans for further expansion. The clinic is recognised as leader in digital dentistry, with fully digital clinic and lab processes.

"Investment in digitization, both in clinical and laboratory aspects of operations, has enabled us to provide highest level of service to our patients, forming the foundation of our strong market position. Thanks to our great team we are confident regarding future development and growth prospects, and the investment from Adria Dental Group is additionally reaffirming this. We are proud to become part of the largest dental group in the region," said Uroš Krmac, CEO and co-owner of Primadent Clinic.

Over the past two years, Adria Dental Group has grown into a network of ten clinics, nine dental laboratories and more than 100 state-of-the-art dental offices.

"Primadent is an excellent addition to our group and a great fit to Adria Dental Group's strategy of building a regional network of leading dental clinics. The clinic has an outstanding reputation for quality and level of service, leading the way to strong growth over the years. This investment is another testament to our commitment to providing excellent dental services to our patients throughout the region. We are grateful to the founders of Primadent Clinic, Dr. Mirjana Tavčar and Uroš Krmac, for their trust, are looking forward to developing Primadent jointly within Adria Dental Group," said Gordan Muškić, CEO of Adria Dental Group.

Adria Dental Group consists of Arena Dental, Salona Dental, Rident, Dentum, Fiziodent, Dentex, Dragaš Dental Design in Croatia, and Primadent in Slovenia. The group provides over 160.000 treatments to over 40.000 patients annually.