Dental clinic Dentum joins Adria Dental Group

Adria Dental Group ascertained itself as the largest dental group in Croatia and the region. The group now consists of 5 clinics and 5 laboratories (Solin, Rijeka, Poreč and two in Zagreb) with over 420 employees, and more than 70 practices with over 160 dental specialists.

After previous investments in dental clinic Arena from Zagreb, Salona Dental and dental laboratory Vladimir Tešija from Solin and clinic Rident and dental laboratory Ridental d.o.o., Adria Dental Group continued its growth, investing in dental clinic Dentum, one of the leading clinics in Zagreb, which was founded in 2012.

Adria Dental Group reaffirmed its position as the largest dental group in Croatia and the region. The group now has more than 420 employees, more than 70 practices and over 160 dental specialists, with annual revenues above 30 million euros. The group includes 5 clinics and 5 laboratories (Zagreb, Solin, Rijeka and Poreč) with a plan to further expand domestically and in the region.

"We are proud that the Dentum clinic recognized our vision of growth and development and decided to become part of Adria Dental Group. We are creating the largest chain of dental clinics in the region, guided by the need of our patients to obtain all types of oral health services at the highest standard, with the use of the most advanced technologies, said Igor Čičak, CEO and main partner of PCP and chairman of the Supervisory Board of Adria Dental Group.

"With the addition of Dentum, Adria Dental Group gained another state-of-the-art institution led by top of the class* experts. We continue to build our position on the market by pursuing highest quality in all segments of our business and following the latest trends in oral health. There is no doubt that our patients will continue to recognize this," said Gordan Muškić, president of the Adria Dental Group.

"Becoming part of Adria Dental Group is recognition for everything what was done over the last 10 years, building Dentum to one of the leading clinics in Croatia. With an excellent team of experts, huge base of satisfied patients, joining Adria Dental Group will provide additional boost for the further development of the clinic and our team", said Andrej Božić and Petar Bago, founders of the Dentum clinic.

Provectus Capital Partners (PCP), an investment company based in Zagreb, founded the largest private equity fund in the Adria region, which holds a majority stake in Adria Dental Group.