We proudly present the ESG report of Adria Dental Group for 2023!

At Adria Dental Group, sustainability is at the core of our values. Our ESG report reflects our commitment to responsible business practices, environmental care, and social responsibility. We believe that by integrating these principles into all aspects of our operations, we can create long-term value for our communities, the environment, and all stakeholders.

This comprehensive report covers our efforts, impacts, risks, and opportunities in the areas of environment, society, and governance. It includes detailed data and insights from our members: Arena Dental d.o.o., Arena Dental Lab d.o.o., Salona Dental Stomatološka Poliklinika d.o.o., Dental Laboratory Vladimir Tešija d.o.o., Poliklinika Rident d.o.o., Ridental d.o.o., Dentum d.o.o., Poliklinika Fiziodent, Dentex d.o.o., Dragaš Dental Design d.o.o., and D3lab d.o.o.

We have worked diligently on this report to ensure transparency and high standards in our operations. Our commitment to continuous improvement and responsibility forms the foundation of our actions. This report is a key step in our effort to contribute to a more sustainable future.

You can read the report here: https://www.adriadentalgroup.com/en/esg-report/

We thank all the clinic managers and everyone involved in data collection.

Together, we can make significant strides and build a more sustainable future.