Adria Dental Group Participates in the Zimmer frei 2024 Conference

At the recently held Zimmer frei 2024 conference, Ivana Murati Petrović, Director of Operations at Adria Dental Group, emphasized the group's key role in shaping the future of health tourism. In the panel "Health as a driver: How health tourism is becoming a year-round driver of sustainable tourism?", Ivana shared the vision and practices that Adria Dental Group applies in promoting sustainable tourism, with a special emphasis on the health sector.

She emphasized that for Adria Dental Group, seasonality does not exist in the traditional sense, thanks to the ability to provide services at the same capacity throughout all months. This is especially important in the context of health tourism, where the dynamics of arrivals and the length of patients' stay are mostly affected by flight connections.

She also stressed the importance of joining forces with other industry players to position Croatia on the map of Europe as a leading destination for health tourism. Recognizing that for a certain segment of potential patients, we are still "invisible" and unrecognized as a health destination, despite providing top-quality healthcare services, Ivana emphasized the need to raise awareness of the quality and accessibility of our services.

The conclusion of the panel was clear: health tourism is not only the future, but also the present of Croatian tourism. With the right approach and cooperation, we can overcome existing challenges and exploit the enormous potential that health tourism offers. Adria Dental Group remains a dedicated leader in this transformation, leading the way towards sustainable, year-round medical tourism that benefits both patients and the wider community.